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Why Is India Making Its Own People Stateless?

DHAKA, Bangladesh — More than 1.9 million people living in Assam, a state of about 33 million in northeastern India, effectively became stateless recently. Many have never lived anywhere but in India, and yet late last month, the government, claiming to crack down on illegal immigration, announced that it was removing them from the National […]

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India’s Terrifying Water Crisis

India’s water crisis offers a striking reminder of how climate change is rapidly morphing into a climate emergency. Piped water has run dry in Chennai, the southern state of Tamil Nadu’s capital, and 21 other Indian cities are also facing the specter of “Day Zero,” when municipal water sources are unable to meet demand. Chennai, […]

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Bangladesh’s Fishing Ban Leaves Coastal Towns in ‘Nightmare Situation’

DHAKA, Bangladesh — This time of year, Mohammad Shamsuddin normally earns about $120 a month working with the crew of a fishing boat off the coast of Bangladesh. But on Monday, the central government imposed a 65-day national ban on coastal fishing — the most restrictive ever in Bangladesh, a poor and densely populated country […]

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