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Google Pixel 4A Review: At $350, a Win for Those on a Budget

People generally adore Google for bringing useful technology to the masses at an aggressively low price, if not free. For those who like that, I have happy news: Google is getting really, really good at the price cutting, while still bringing quality, with its smartphones. The evidence? The Pixel 4A smartphone, which the company introduced […]

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One in Three Children Have Unacceptably High Lead Levels, Study Says

Lead contamination has long been recognized as a health hazard, particularly for the young. But a new study asserts that the extent of the problem is far bigger than previously thought, with one in three children worldwide — about 800 million in all — threatened by unacceptably high lead levels in their blood. The ubiquity […]

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How to Make Smartphones Last Longer

With so many people becoming unemployed in the pandemic-induced recession, we have no choice but to handle our technology differently. Put another way: We need to make our tech last longer. We generally do a poor job of this. As soon as a device like a smartphone starts to feel slow or its battery deteriorates, […]

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