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Can Humans Give Coronavirus to Bats, and Other Wildlife?

Many people worry about bats as a source of viruses, including the one that has caused a worldwide pandemic. But another question is surfacing: Could humans pass the novel coronavirus to wildlife, specifically North American bats? It may seem like the last pandemic worry right now, far down the line after concerns about getting sick […]

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Vampire Bats Self-Isolate, Too

Vampire bats, those bloodsucking, flying critters with razor-sharp teeth, are rather social beings. They love grooming one another and sharing food supplies, which consists of regurgitated blood from some other unfortunate mammal. These bats also call out to one another when they’re apart from their group. But when they’re ill, they call out less frequently […]

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Wildlife Trade Spreads Coronaviruses as Animals Get to Market

A study of the wildlife trade in three provinces in southern Vietnam produced startlingly clear confirmation for one of the underlying objections to the wildlife trade in Asia — the trading offers an ideal opportunity for viruses in one animal to infect another. In field rats, a highly popular animal to eat in Vietnam and […]

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