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James Cameron Remembered The Time The Cast And Crew Of ‘Titanic’ Accidentally Got High On PCP-Spiked Chowder

James Cameron is the king of the world again thanks to his belated first sequel to Avatar, a movie even he doubted would be a monster hit. He was wrong and, after a bit of tussle, the film recently passed another of his money-gobblers, Titanic, on the list of all-time highest grossing movies (not adjusted […]

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The Evolution of Zoe Saldaña

Photo: Greg Doherty (Getty Images) Though she’s become known for her roles in blockbuster franchises, Zoe Saldaña has actually had a very wide and varied career. Over the years, she’s appeared in comedy-drama, lots of sci-fi and of course, action. With Avatar: The Way of Water delivering another $2 billion hit for the actress, it’s […]

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