Tag: augmented reality

Phiar launches AI-powered AR navigation app in invite-only iPhone beta

Phiar, a Palo Alto-based startup that is using artificial intelligence and augmented reality to enhance vehicular navigation, is finally making its long-awaited AR driving app available for the first time — albeit in a limited fashion. The company today announced the start of a private beta program for iPhone users, and plans to expand the […]

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Accenture unveils XR Event Planner for booking hotel events

Accenture has unveiled its XR Event Planner, a mixed reality app that lets event planners view hotel spaces in virtual reality or augmented reality in order to figure out whether they should book the rooms. Accenture is collaborating with AR and VR chip creator Qualcomm and has created demos of the planner with InterContinental Hotel […]

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Microsoft confirms HoloLens 2 display issues as headsets remain scarce

Microsoft’s $3,500 enterprise augmented reality headset HoloLens 2 had a somewhat longer path to market than expected, debuting last February and actually beginning shipments in November despite suggestions of an earlier release. Now Microsoft is confirming that it’s looking into reports of display problems from a growing number of early adopters, though it’s unclear at this stage […]

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