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Sotheby’s Auction House to Be Taken Private in $3.7 Billion Sale

LONDON — The auction house Sotheby’s will be bought by the telecommunications entrepreneur Patrick Drahi in a deal worth $3.7 billion, the company said on Monday. The acquisition of Sotheby’s by BidFair USA, which is owned by Mr. Drahi, returns the only publicly traded major auction house to private ownership after 31 years on the […]

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FCC names winners of $2.7 billion 24-28GHz millimeter wave auctions

Millimeter wave spectrum will deliver the fastest version of 5G services, and after six months of semi-secretive auctions, the Federal Communications Commission has finally announced the winners of 28GHz and 24GHz U.S. spectrum. The commission raised over $2.7 billion across the auctions, and the winners were mostly major players in the telecom industry: AT&T bid […]

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Dementia Stopped a Major Artist From Painting. For Some, That Spelled a Lucrative Opportunity.

The scene played out for years. Twice a week, in the late afternoon, above the Shun Lee Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, a creaky elevator would open, and out would step an elderly man. Thin as a rail, with a sparse mustache, he would sometimes have little idea about where or […]

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