Tag: Auburn (Los Angeles, Calif, Restaurant)

How to Create a Chinese Feast, Inspired by Lulu Wang’s ‘The Farewell’

“Dad! You have to say he did a good job,” said the filmmaker Lulu Wang. She was addressing her father, Haiyan Wang, who was sitting next to me at dinner. It was a beautiful recent evening at the West Hollywood restaurant Auburn. A bottle of Maotai, the fiery Chinese liquor, was open, a feast of […]

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Where Dessert Is Much More Than an Afterthought

LOS ANGELES — Birdie G’s has been open for just a few weeks in Santa Monica, but already, with the outsize confidence of every dollar-slice shop in New York City, the menu refers to its rose-petal pie as “world famous.” The slice appears to be modeled on the great, jiggly cathedral window cakes that dominate […]

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