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AT&T expands 5G to 25 states, but still has only 1 consumer 5G phone

AT&T didn’t have a great 5G story to tell in 2019: It started last year with a massive controversy over its 4G-based “5G Evolution” network, restricted its high band millimeter wave “5G+” network to enterprise customers, and waited until mid-December to debut a 10-city consumer “5G” network using slow, low band spectrum. But as it moves […]

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5G should have scored at Super Bowl LIV, but carriers dropped the ball

If there’s any annual event that has the ability to dramatically impact the U.S. population, it’s the Super Bowl, which attracts around 100 million viewers each year. That massive audience enables networks to charge $5.6 million for 30 seconds of advertising — nearly $200,000 per second — staggering figures that tend to limit ads to blue […]

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AT&T Offers Best 4G Download Speeds in the U.S, Verizon and T-Mobile Play Catch Up

In the past year, the state of 4G connectivity in the U.S seems to have improved a lot. Opensignal has published its latest Mobile Network Experience Report for the U.S. As expected the battle between Verizon and T-Mobile was very close and both the telecom operators garnered good ratings. The report was put together after […]

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