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Atari delays crowdfunded VCS console deliveries until spring

Atari said it has delayed shipment of the Atari VCS game console until the spring, the second time it’s done so for fans who placed their preorders on IndieGogo. It is the latest sign, including a contractor resignation, that the console launch is going slower than planned. Chief operating office Michael Arzt said in a […]

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Atari: Antstream Arcade to bring thousands of retro games to Atari VCS console

Atari revealed today that Antstream Arcade will to bring thousands of retro games to Atari VCS console when the system launches in March 2020. The Atari VCS will sell for $250 as a modern Linux-based game console that can play a lot of classic retro games. It’s one of the big moves that New York-based […]

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Atari re-opens preorders for latest design for VCS game console

Atari has revealed its latest designs for the Atari VCS video game console. Atari CEO Fred Chesnais spoke to me about the latest design in an interview. The new machine will be a Linux-based console with a Ryzen processor from Advance Micro Devices, and it will play both old Atari games as well as new […]

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