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David Coulthard Takes To The Streets Of Monaco In An Aston Martin Valkyrie

The Aston Martin Valkyrie may be the quickest production car around a track but is it any good in slow-moving traffic? In between his various Formula 1 duties, David Coulthard was recently spotted behind the wheel of an Aston Martin Valkyrie, although it wasn’t on a track and instead on the tight and congested roads […]

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British Four-Door Fury: Can The W12 Bentley Flying Spur Outrun An Aston Martin DBX707?

At first glance, it may seem unfair to pit a Bentley Flying Spur against Aston Martin’s snarling, AMG-powered DBX707. The SUV is named after its prodigious amount of power, after all. But it’s a closer race than you might think. The premise is this: The DBX707 is the most powerful four-door vehicle Aston Martin sells […]

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