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WaveOptics debuts Katana, a 1.15mm waveguide display for AR glasses

As multiple companies work towards commercializing consumer AR glasses, it’s becoming clear that miniaturizing and reducing the power drain of the core technologies are the key challenges still facing designers today. U.K.-based display maker WaveOptics hopes to move the industry forward with a new visual solution, Katana, which it notes is the lightest and thinnest […]

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Apple’s AR glasses deserve an Apple Watch-style ‘early access’ launch

When Apple revealed this week that its wearables segment “is now the size of a Fortune 150 company,” making over $20 billion in 2019 and $10 billion in the holiday quarter, it reminded analysts how massively successful the Apple Watch and AirPods have become, despite their ignominious launches. While the AirPods initially suffered mostly from manufacturing delays […]

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Researchers say low-res 3D tracking limits AR glasses’ use in surgery

When companies release new augmented reality glasses, the key details most people focus on are the size and resolution of the AR displays within users’ field of view — the larger and more detailed a headset’s augmented “window” is, the better. But Swiss medical researchers are now spotlighting an under-appreciated specification, 3D tracking performance, as […]

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