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Kaia raises $8 million to treat chronic pain with AI-guided exercise

Chronic pain — pain that lasts at least 12 weeks — affects hundreds of millions of people globally. In 2016, an estimated 20% of U.S. adults (approximately 50 million) reported having long-term pain, while 8% (20 million) had high-impact pain stemming from headaches, arthritis pain, and neurogenic pain. Back pain is among the most common, […]

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MIT CSAIL’s Notary is an architecture for running apps on secure USB hardware

Ever heard of a hardware wallet? It’s a type of blockchain device that stores a user’s private keys in a locked-down microchip, often to stash cryptocurrencies like bitcoin from exchanges. The wallets are plug-and-play, physically durable, and highly reconfigurable, which is why researchers believe they could help usher in a more secure digital future if […]

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The feature-rich Vivaldi browser finally arrives on Android

Almost three years after launching its desktop version, cross-platform browser Vivaldi has finally released its mobile version today. The brainchild of Opera’s co-founder Jon von Tetzchner, published an Android beta version today that brings swipe gesture for navigation, built-in note-taking functionality, and privacy controls including a no-tracking option.  While the browser is in beta, I’ve been using it […]

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