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Apple’s in Top 3 in smartglasses … with no product

Despite having no smartglasses product, Apple ranked as the third most important smartglasses platform after Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap in a recent survey of AR/VR industry insiders by Digi-Capital and AWE. While this highlights Apple’s natural advantages and industry support, how does a company which hasn’t even hinted at a product rank higher than […]

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Apple Acquired Tueo Health Startup in 2018 Working on App to Monitor Asthma in Children

Apple acquired Tueo Health, a startup working on an app that worked with commercial breathing sensors to help parents monitor the asthma symptoms of their children while sleeping. The acquisition was done by Apple in 2018 itself but the news has come to light only today. Tueo’s CEO, Brownwyn Harris, and COO Anura Patil updated […]

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