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No Time for Fake Fur: A PETA Protester Tried to Step to Lil’ Kim, but She Told Them to ‘Back Up’

The spirit of Brooklyn was strong in a recent video where a PETA protester confronted Lil’ Kim, yelling at her to “stop wearing fur.” Advertisement In the video, the irate protester is charging at the rapper, but one thing becomes quickly apparent: This girl picked the wrong one (or maybe the right one). Despite the […]

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Olga Tokarczuk’s Gripping Eco-Mystery

Murder mysteries, however else they might differ, rely on one major, shared belief: that murder matters, and is worth looking into. Whoever did the killing, whoever was killed, the investigation moves forward because the people inside the story and those outside of it, following along as the clues unfold, agree that the murder has moral […]

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