Tag: Anatomy and Physiology

Cuttlefish Arms Are Not So Different From Yours

The cuttlefish and its relatives, squid and octopuses, often strike human observers as floating aliens wreathed in sucker-covered limbs — boneless, squirming appendages that would seem to have nothing in common with our own arms and legs. But hidden under the superficial differences, a new study shows, are some profound similarities: Human and cuttlefish limbs […]

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Those Puppy Dog Eyes You Can’t Resist? Thank Evolution

You know that face your dog makes, the one that’s a little bit quizzical, maybe a bit sad, a bit anticipatory, with the eyebrows slanted? Sometimes you think it says, “Don’t be sad. I can help.” Other times it quite clearly asks, “No salami for me?” Scientists have not yet been able to translate the […]

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