The Best Fantasy Series On Netflix Right Now

Last Updated: October 1st A good fantasy series isn’t just made up of witches or wizards or fairytales or demons. It has to have the ability to transport you to an alternate reality. It needs the kind of world-building magic capable of making you overlook the fact that it’s make-believe. Demon slayers, sister witches, Arthurian […]

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The Scariest Shows On Netflix Right Now, Ranked

Last Updated: September 13th Making a scary show is tough enough, and making a scary show that’s also compelling entertainment is practically a minor miracle. That’s reflected in the selection of Netflix‘s content library, too. But the small sampling contains quite a few certified gems, not to mention some terrifying programs that don’t quite fall […]

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The ‘American Horror Story: 1984’ Trailer Gives A Gory First Look At The Slasher Flick-Inspired Season

[embedded content] Share This Video American Horror Story: 1984 will be the biggest departure showrunner Ryan Murphy has taken yet for the ninth installment of his FX horror anthology series. Because after literally saving the world in Apocalypse, where does one even go? The answer to that question is evidently summer camp, as we’ve since […]

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