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Movie Tickets Veer Away From One-Price-Fits-All

Anyone buying a ticket for a concert, baseball game, Broadway play or flight has experienced it: Seats are now priced with dizzying complexity, with costs in some instances changing minute by minute, based on demand. But movie theaters? In many ways, they have been trapped in pricing amber. A seat has cost the same no […]

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How Much to See a Movie at AMC? It Will Soon Depend Where You Sit.

Some middle seats at AMC movie theaters will be more expensive than others as part of the company’s new ticket-pricing strategy, announced this week. AMC Entertainment, the world’s largest cinema chain, said in a news release on Monday that this new pricing system, known as Sightline at AMC, would be in place at all of […]

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ChatGPT, A.I.-Powered Chatbot, Faces Rivals From Google and Baidu

Everybody’s got a bot Just over two months ago, OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public, instantly thrusting the A.I.-powered chatbot into the center of mainstream discourse, with debates about how it could transform business, education and more. (It also spurred Microsoft to invest $10 billion in OpenAI.) Now Google and the Chinese tech giant Baidu […]

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