Tag: Air Pollution

The Reach of Wildfire Smoke Is Going Global and Undoing Progress on Clean Air

On the heels of an exceptionally fiery and smoky summer, two new reports released Wednesday confirmed what many Americans have been already seeing and breathing. Smoke from increasingly frequent and increasingly large fires has started to undo decades of hard-won gains in air quality, and the problem is expected to only get worse, not just […]

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California Lawmakers Vote to Require Disclosure of Greenhouse Emissions

The California Legislature this week passed a landmark bill that would require major companies to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, a move with national and global repercussions in governments’ efforts to fight climate change. A spokesman for Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, declined on Wednesday to say whether he would sign the bill. If […]

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Congestion Pricing Is Coming. It Doesn’t Have to Be Painful.

As the economist Tyler Cowan put it in a recent Washington Post column, “The composition of the residents matters, and the composition of the visitors matters, too.” We can imagine an alternate history where people like Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe looked across the water at Manhattan, from New Jersey and Queens, and decided that […]

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