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School of Engineering awards for 2023

Each year, the MIT School of Engineering honors outstanding faculty, students, and staff across its departments, labs, centers, and institutes with a number of awards. Recently, the school announced the following members of the engineering community at MIT as winners of its 2023 awards. Faculty and teaching awards William Tisdale, professor of chemical engineering, received […]

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AI helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies

Imagine you want to carry a large, heavy box up a flight of stairs. You might spread your fingers out and lift that box with both hands, then hold it on top of your forearms and balance it against your chest, using your whole body to manipulate the box.  Humans are generally good at whole-body […]

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Planning algorithm enables high-performance flight

A tailsitter is a fixed-wing aircraft that takes off and lands vertically (it sits on its tail on the landing pad), and then tilts horizontally for forward flight. Faster and more efficient than quadcopter drones, these versatile aircraft can fly over a large area like an airplane but also hover like a helicopter, making them […]

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