Seth Green On The 200th Episode Of ‘Robot Chicken’ And How He Still Loves Pop Culture

Staying power is a fascinating thing in a world where so much seems to burst and fade. Is it the product of good luck? Surely that’s a factor, but probably not as much as talent, drive, and above all else, flexibility. People will, I am sure, deny or defer the credit for the decisions made […]

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Cartoon Network Responds To The Woman Who Just Learned Adult Swim Exists And Thinks It’s Witchcraft

Because 2020 is a non-stop juggernaut of crazy, Adult Swim found itself in the middle of a viral conspiracy theory after a woman on Twitter stumbled upon Cartoon Network‘s late night animation block for clearly the first time. Despite the fact that Adult Swim has been on the air since 2001, the woman fired off […]

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A Woman Went Viral On Twitter For Learning That Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim Exists

Perhaps its the pure boredom of life in quarantine or the evolution of wild right-wing conspiracy theories that has everyone searching for vast conspiracies these days. The latest, which cropped up this weekend and went viral on Twitter, is that Cartoon Network has a programming block called Adult Swim. A woman, known on Twitter as […]

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