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Is a Fetus a Person? An Anti-Abortion Strategy Says Yes.

Even as roughly half the states have moved to enact near-total bans on abortion since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, anti-abortion activists are pushing for a long-held and more absolute goal: laws that grant fetuses the same legal rights and protections as any person. So-called fetal personhood laws would make abortion […]

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Post-Roe, Conservatives Promote Way to Give Up Newborns Anonymously

The Safe Haven Baby Box at a firehouse in Carmel, Ind., looked like a library book drop. It had been available for three years for anyone who wanted to surrender a baby anonymously. No one had ever used it, though, until early April. When its alarm went off, Victor Andres, a firefighter, opened the box […]

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For Korean Adoptee Chefs, Food as Identity Is Complicated

LOS ANGELES — Katianna Hong is tinkering with her grandmother’s matzo ball soup for a second time. The first time, she adapted it for a staff meal while she was executive chef at the Charter Oak in the Napa Valley. But here at Yangban Society, the Los Angeles restaurant she opened in January with her […]

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