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The Acura ARX-06 LMDh Will Take On The World With Honda Formula 1 Technology

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Acura Teases Design Of Its Upcoming Electric Crossover Through Precision EV Concept

Acura today released a short video clip providing us with a sneak peek at an upcoming electric concept vehicle named the Precision EV. Calling it the “future of Acura design,” the brand explained that it will preview the aesthetics of its cars for the electric era. Revealing little else, we will have to wait until […]

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‘Oh, no!’ Palm Tree Breaks And Crashes Several SUVs At Arizona Acura Dealership

Videos have emerged on social media showing a large palm tree being knocked over by monsoon winds in Tempe, Arizona. The tree, one of several lining the parking lot of an Acura dealership, falls on several Lexus and Toyota SUVs. Footage of the aftermath shows the tree resting atop a Lexus RX450h, an Acura MDX, […]

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