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If You Read the G.O.P.’s Anti-Trans Policies, You’ll See What It Really Wants

[MUSIC PLAYING] ezra klein I’m Ezra Klein. This is “The Ezra Klein Show.” [MUSIC PLAYING] So the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference wrapped up this past Saturday. And this conference, if you don’t follow it, it’s a big deal every year because it is the clearest window into the id of modern conservatism. It brings […]

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How U.S.-China Tensions Could Affect Who Buys the House Next Door

The share of United States farmland owned by Chinese people and companies is small and has not been growing substantially. Chinese owners held about 350,000 acres at the end of 2020, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture report, and most of the farmland came from the Chinese acquisition of Smithfield Foods in 2013. Canadian […]

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