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A New Perk for Some Student Loan Borrowers: A 401(k) Match

Student loan borrowers who are lucky enough to have access to a 401(k)-type plan, but are too stretched to save in it, may soon be helped by a new workplace benefit: Paying off their student loans can generate retirement savings contributions from their employer. Starting this year, workers with student loans can receive employer matching […]

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In 2024, More Old 401(k) Accounts Could Be Forced Into Rollovers

And in November, the financial services industry established a system that automatically moves old retirement accounts into the plan of the worker’s new employer. The Portability Services Network automatically matches Social Security numbers on workplace accounts, obtains the worker’s consent to move the money and automatically deposits money from the old account into the new […]

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Why Some Ex-Workers at Bed Bath & Beyond Face 401(k) Losses

Workers may see losses in a bankruptcy if they invested much of their retirement money in their employer’s stock or if the employer made matching contributions in company stock, Mr. Stein of the Pension Rights Center said. Employees usually have the right to diversify their investments out of their company’s stock, he said, but they […]

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