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Why It’s So Important For Black People To Be Counted In The 2020 Census

If you were walking down the street, what race would strangers automatically assume you were? “Street race” – what race you look like, based on your skin color, facial features and more – is an important aspect of a person’s experiences. For example, research shows that a person who’s Hispanic but perceived as light-skinned does […]

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Census 2020 Is Happening Right Now. Here’s Why It Matters to the Black Community

Photo: Shutterstock “Three-fifths. That’s all we were counted for. We were voiceless.” That’s how a recent Fair Count ad began. Of course, the advertisement referenced the 1787 Three-Fifths Compromise, which recommended counting three out of every five slaves as people when determining political representation. Sure, we’ve come a long way, but just how far, exactly? […]

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A Black Woman President by 2040? Stacey Abrams Says That’s Her Plan

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images) For many news cycles now, Stacey Abrams has told us one thing: No, I don’t want the presidency, not now. But that doesn’t mean “not later.” I know, I know. Let Abrams live a non-presidential life! And that’s exactly what she’s been doing, making the 2020 elections the fulcrum of […]

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