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It’s Not Strategy, It’s Racism

The idea that Donald Trump plays “3D chess” has never been particularly plausible; still, it was one of the most persistent themes of the 2016 election. The concept was (and is), to be fair, quite appealing: Trump’s public persona may appear, on the outside, to be a completely improvised and rarely coherent mess, but, on […]

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ACLU Files Lawsuit After California Church Is Removed as Polling Place for Supporting Black Lives Matter

Photo: iStock With the 2018 midterms three months away, the Fresno, Calif., country clerk and register of voters received a rather peculiar grievance. Specifically, according to the Washington Post, a voter—who I assume suffers from an acute case of white fragility—wanted to know “Why it was okay to have a Black Lives Matter (a known […]

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