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See Venus swing by the crescent moon this weekend

On Friday (March 27), the moon will be about 10 degrees to the south of Venus in the evening sky. Both will be in the constellation of Aries, the ram.  (Image credit: SkySafari) The “evening star” Venus will meet up with the waxing, crescent moon in the night sky this weekend. You can spot the […]

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Astronauts in space are beaming positivity to the people of Earth. (Amazing photos, too.)

NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan on the International Space Station shared this stunning image of Earth from space along with an inspirational message for a world gripped by the coronavirus pandemic. (Image credit: @AstroDrewMorgan/Twitter) Astronauts at the International Space Station are sharing positivity and stunning images of our home planet from their temporary home in orbit […]

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Scientists use the Milky Way to hunt for dark matter

Scientists studying a mysterious signal from far-off galaxies didn’t find dark matter as they’d hoped. But the inventive new technique they used to detect this strange signal, which uses our own galaxy to hunt for dark matter, could elevate the hunt for the elusive material. For decades, scientists have been searching for dark matter, an […]

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