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Watch Virgin Orbit launch its first satellites into space

Virgin Orbit has successfully launched satellites into space for the first time. A 70-foot LauncherOne rocket carrying 10 satellites was dropped from a modified Boeing 747 at 11.39AM Pacific Time on Sunday. LauncherOne then ignited its engine and began soaring into orbit. Today’s sequence of events for #LaunchDemo2 went exactly to plan, from safe execution of our ground […]

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European Space Agency to build module for Gateway space station

The European Space Agency (Esa) has signed a contract to begin building the module to supply communications and refuelling for the international lunar Gateway space station. The European System Providing Refuelling, Infrastructure and Telecommunications (Esprit) will consist of two separate units. The communications system will be used by astronauts to provide data, voice and video […]

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Heather Couper remembered by Floella Benjamin

I got to know Heather working on the Millennium Commission, which was a great organisation with which to be involved. It really changed the face of Britain, investing in buildings, projects and community schemes up and down the country [Couper was one of the founding commissioners, alongside Michael Heseltine; Benjamin joined in 1999]. We’d both […]

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