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The Very-Weird, Often-Funny ‘Have A Good Trip’ Is Another Sign We’re Entering A New Psychedelic Era

The new documentary Have a Good Trip arrives on Netflix at an interesting nexus point in history. People are quarantined, creating a captive audience for streaming; the culture wars are ongoing but also sort of jumbled — with “plandemic” conspiracy theorists on both the liberal and conservative ends of the spectrum; and psychedelics (the topic […]

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Janelle Shane explains AI with weirdness and humor, in book form

If, like many people these days, you’re trying to get a firmer understanding of what AI is and how it works but are secretly panicking a little because you’re struggling with terminology so opaque that you’re lost before you get to Markov chains, you may want to crack open Janelle Shane’s new book. She recently […]

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