Tiffany Stratton Won The Women’s Money In The Bank Briefcase

Tiffany Stratton held off Lyra Valkyria, Zoey Stark, Naomi, Chelsea Green, and Iyo Sky to win the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase at Money in the Bank in Toronto.

Everyone left the ring right at the bell as Green stood by herself and tried to reach for the briefcase. She then took a ladder from Sky and tried to climb to win the match, then picked up the ladder and tried to knock the briefcase down before Sky hit a springboard dropkick on her.

Valkyrie was stopped climbing up the ladder and had her leg stuck in the rung. Sky tried to climb over her and got German suplexed off the ladder. With two ladders set up, Naomi straddled the ladders and hit a jumping DDT on Stark.

Outside the ring, Green and Stratton set up a slew of tables. Stark, Sky, Valkyria, Green, and Stratton all went at it in the ring with two ladders set up and two ladders set up on the ropes. Everyone took turns getting slammed into the ladders before Stark made her way to the top of the ladder. Sky and Stark fought over the briefcase before Sky dropped Stark onto the ladder.

Green climbed to the top of the ladder and had the briefcase before Stratton pushed her off the ladder through two tables before snatching the briefcase.

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