The Stairway 7 – Will you find all the anomalies? Markiplier did!

The Stairway 7 is an endless loop anomaly hunter game where you are stuck in a endless loop with a cat where you have to find the anomalies. All 70 of them, but don’t worry – if you miss one you won’t die instantly instead you will be scared to death. After that, you have 2 more tries to not mess up again. Will you try it out?

Play the demo here:

Play the full game on steam here:

In The Stairway 7, every flicker of a light, every shadowy figure, and every inexplicable occurrence could end your journey. Trust your instincts: if you detect an anomaly, go back down the stairways to remove them – and if not then continue up the stairways for your freedom. Beware though, for the deeper you go, the more twisted and perilous the environment becomes.

On a second note, Markiplier just played the game! Thank you so much for playing – and if you like to see the gameplay video you can check it out here below. As someone who grew up watching Markiplier, this is a real honor!

[embedded content]

The most asked question of all time: Can you pet the cat? Yes, yes you can.