Rylan Clark hints that he may turn life story into a TV series

Rylan Clark has hinted at the possibility of turning his life into a TV series.

The radio and TV presenter, who first gained fame on 2012’s X Factor, has enjoyed a successful broadcasting career, hosting shows like Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, This Morning, Strictly Come Dancing spin-off It Takes Two and the reboot of Supermarket Sweep.

Off-screen, Rylan courageously shared how the end of his marriage to Dan Neal severely affected his mental health, leading to a four-month break from work. He later revealed the extent of his struggles, including suffering heart failure, stroke-like symptoms and attempting to end his life twice.

Following their divorce, the broadcaster wrote a memoir, Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, in 2022 and appeared on several podcasts discussing how the difficult period led to personal growth he could have never imagined.

When asked by The Standard about adapting his autobiography for TV, he said: “I mean, there’s a lot to go in it. Yeah, potentially, but I don’t know if I’ve warranted enough to do that.

Clark pictured at the Attitude Pride Awards at Raffles in London (Getty Images)Clark pictured at the Attitude Pride Awards at Raffles in London (Getty Images)

Clark pictured at the Attitude Pride Awards at Raffles in London (Getty Images)

“But who knows what might happen? Never say never.”

As for who he would love to play him should it ever come to the silver screen, the star, who recently hosted the Attitude Pride Awards, joked: “Listen, you’ve got one life. I’d f**king play me.

“There’s money to be earned, Rylan taking it.”

While a TV series of his life may be on the backburner right now, there’s one place he firmly has his focus on, his weekly BBC Radio 2 show, Rylan on Saturday.

The Essex native joined the broadcaster in 2018 initially covering for Zoe Ball before he took over her show when she moved to the station’s breakfast show in 2019.

Asked if he’d ever consider leaving, he confessed the only way he’d go is if they fired him for accidentally using colourful language on-air.

He said: “Well I don’t see myself going unless I say the C word live on air – which is quite relatable.”

“No, I love Radio 2,” he continued. “They’ve been so great with me, especially when I had some time off they held my place and looked after me.

“So yeah, it’s just, it’s an amazing station to be a part of. I like to call it 1.5 ’cause I joined when I was 30.”

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