John Cena Announced His WWE Retirement At Money In The Bank

John Cena announced his WWE retirement tour after a surprise return at Money in the Bank in Toronto.

Cena was introduced by guest host Trish Stratus, who hit the ramp sporting a towel and a shirt that said the Last Time Is Now.

Cena grabbed the mic and spoke about how Money in the Bank is about opportunity and discussed his relationship with Canada over the course of his career. He then dropped the bombshell: His career in WWE is coming to an end, and while he clarified that Saturday night isn’t the end of his tenure, it’s coming in the next year.

He announced that when WWE Raw comes to Netflix, he’ll be part of that. He also announced that he’ll take part in the Elimination Chamber, Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas for the last time in his career.

Cena’s retirement comes as no surprise when you consider the level of stardom he’s reached outside of the ring. It’s become commonplace to see him pop up almost everywhere — awards shows, movies, television shows, etc.

Cena is a 16-time World Champion in WWE and with his announced retirement, is expected to be heavily involved during WrestleMania’s arrival in Las Vegas next year. Cena previously said he expects to still be involved in some capacity with WWE in the future, but following WrestleMania next year, it seems safe to say he won’t be stepping into the ring to compete again.