WWE Money in the Bank results, grades and analysis: Drew McIntyre’s cash-in fails, John Cena announces retirement plan

The night kicked off with the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match, setting up a potential cash-in later on in the night,

Jey Uso, arguably the biggest babyface in the match, entered first, coming through the Toronto crowd. He was followed by Andrade, who is competing in his biggest match since returning to WWE. LA Knight was next, making a speedy entrance after the crowd erupted. Knight got the biggest reaction when his music hit and as he stood on the top turnbuckle.

Chad Gable was the 4th to enter, drawing boos and “you suck” chants from the crowd. Carmelo Hayes was the penultimate entrant and the one with the least amount of experience on WWE’s main roster, having spent the majority of his career thus far at the top of the NXT card. Drew McIntyre, coming off the main event at Clash at the Castle, was last to enter and sparking “CM Punk” chants from fans.

Chaos ensued at the beginning of the match, with McIntyre, Hayes, Gable and Andrade quickly being sent outside the ring, setting up a staredown between Uso and Knight. As the two babyfaces stared each other down, Hayes and Gable introduced ladders into the ring before being taken out by high-risk maneuvers.

McIntyre returned to the ring and utilized the ladder to take out several competitors, allowing him to climb and make the first attempt at ending the match. With McIntyre atop the ladder, Gable pursued and locked McIntyre into an armbar on the ladder. Andrade capitalized with a springboard leg drop and gained the upper hand in the match.

As Hayes went to take out Andrade, the Lucha Libre star leaped to the middle rope and landed a reverse Spanish fly onto a ladder laid out in the middle of the ring, taking both out of the equation.

Next, it was Uso’s turn to shine, taking down both McIntyre and Gable. As Uso set up a ladder in the corner, Gable recovered to begin a string of German suplexes on four of his five rivals. Gable would then set up a ladder to attempt to win the match before Knight intervened.

Knight turned his attention outside the ring to Hayes, setting up a ladder between the ring and the announce table. Knight went for a massive powerbomb, but Hayes countered into one his his signature moves, “First 48,” drawing “this is awesome” chants early in the evening.

As Hayes climbed to retrieve the briefcase, Gable locked the former NXT champion in an ankle lock. A resurgent McIntyre would take out Gable and Andrade before falling victim to an allied Knight and Uso. With McIntyre out, Uso and Knight ascended the ladder to grab the briefcase. As the two traded blows, Hayes exploded back into the match, tipping the ladder and landing several high-risk moves to take out Uso, Knight and Gable.

Andrade emerged to halt Hayes, and the two climbed to the top of a ladder set up in the middle of the ring. The climax of the exchange came where Andrade landed a sunset flip from the top of the ladder onto another.

Knight and Gable were next to go toe-to-toe. Gable would land a major move with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex onto a ladder set up earlier outside the ring. Gable had a clear path to victory, but as he grabbed the briefcase, Uso removed the ladder and left Gable swinging. A spear would set Uso up for a near-win, but McIntyre launched a ladder at him and climbed up to obtain the briefcase himself.

Drew McIntyre wins the Money in the Bank ladder match in 17:10

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