What links Ana de Armas with Gloria Estefan? The Saturday quiz

The questions

1 The monk Edward Grim was an eyewitness to whose murder?
2 Who wrote the 1856 essay Silly Novels by Lady Novelists?
3 Which band is named after the Danish word for moonlight?
4 Elbrus is the highest peak in what mountain range?
5 Where is the 1,100-room Palace of the Parliament?
6 Which football teams contest the Derby of the Lighthouse?
7 In 2012, which singer played seven concerts on seven days in seven countries?
8 Who said his epitaph should be “Here lies Joseph, who failed in everything he undertook”?
What links:
Addis Ababa; Asmara; Djibouti; Mogadishu (and Hargeisa)?
10 Laurentian Library; Medici Chapel; Porta Pia; St Peter’s Basilica?
11 Carlos Acosta; Ana de Armas; Gloria Estefan; Andy García?
12 Decadent; gullible; hawkish; manhunt; pretentious; world-famous?
13 City; Dover Street; Gillespie Road; Gower Street; Post Office?
14 Addiewell; Barlinnie; Castle Huntly; Glenochil; Shotts?
15 Jason; Jack and Jill; Willow; Kari and Oki; Socks; Cookie?

Djibouti clue getting your goat? Photograph: UCG/Universal Images Group/Getty Images

The answers

1 Thomas Becket.
2 George Eliot.
3 Måneskin.
4 Caucasus.
5 Bucharest.
6 Genoa and Sampdoria.
7 Rihanna.
8 Joseph II (Holy Roman emperor).
9 Capital cities on the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia; Eritrea; Djibouti; Somalia (and disputed Somaliland).
10 Buildings designed by Michelangelo.
11 Entertainers born in Havana, Cuba.
12 Words coined or first known usage by Thomas Carlyle.
13 Renamed London Underground stations: Bank; Green Park; Arsenal; Euston Square; St Paul’s.
14 Scottish prisons.
15 Blue Peter cats.

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