Lil Wayne Skipped The Cash Money Reunion To Opt For A Solo Set At Essence Festival 2024, Now People Have Questions

Welp, Birdman’s subtle suggestion that Drake would make a surprise appearance at Essence Festival 2024 didn’t pan out. Still, yesterday (July 5), attendees of the culture’s biggest annual event were treated to a special onstage reunion.

During the “Ms. Gladys” rapper’s performance, he brought out New Orleans’ hometown rap group, Hot Boys. The crowd cheered in excitement seeing B.G., Juvenile, and even Mannie Fresh together, the Cash Money reunion hype did not translate to viewers outside of The Big Easy. Mainly, due to Turk’s absence and Lil Wayne’s notable decision to appear after everyone left the stage. Now, users online have questions.

Lil Wayne and Birdman tension has long since documented in music, online, as well as in the courtroom. However, in recent time, the pair seemed to have squashed their previous issues. Rumors circulating online allege Wayne was present and ready to join the reunion, but not without Turk (whom reportedly isn’t in good standings with Birdman). Sadly, as a result, the Hot Boys reunion feel through.

Supporters are now under the impression that Birdman and Wayne’s former feud could be back on. Those flames were further fanned, when Birdman delivered a verbal jab before leaving the stage just before Wayne performed a medley of his hits. “I would never let my city down and be a p*ssy ass n**** for anybody,” he said.

So, it is too early to ask if Lil Wayne does headline the Superbowl 2025 Halftime show in New Orleans if the collection could put thing to the side?

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