‘Lady welder’ reveals the $5 buy that keeps acne at bay on ‘sweaty days’ – she makes sure to reapply throughout the day

A HANDYWOMAN has shared how she keeps her skin clear despite her demanding job.

An affordable $5 skincare buy keeps acne at bay, even when she has to face extreme heat.

A female welder has shared the affordable beauty buy that keeps her acne at bay (Stock photo)


A female welder has shared the affordable beauty buy that keeps her acne at bay (Stock photo)Credit: Getty

Redditor Save-me-plz- shared the beauty tip in a post.

The welder, who works with metal machinery daily, recommended a product that keeps her skin clear.

The task, she explained, is especially tough when she has to weld metals under high heat.

“Fellow lady welder here, I always bring Stridex pads with me on sweaty days so I don’t get a line of acne on my forehead where the hood sits,” she said.

While the brand has lines explicitly formulated for sensitive skin, she often needs a product with more active ingredients.

“They have sensitive skin, but I always use maximum strength,” she said.

“It does dry my face out quite a bit.”

The $5 acne treatment contains 2% salicylic acid, which helps increase cell turnover and exfoliate the skin.

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She follows up on the exfoliating pads with a $15 sunscreen and moisturizer to protect her skin.

“I’ll wipe my face down a couple times at work with them, and in the mornings, I put on Cerave morning facial moisturizer with SPF for when I accidentally flash myself because I forget to drop my hood once in a great while,” she said.

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Others added that a proper nighttime routine would go a long way to banish acne.

“Highly recommend getting an occlusive moisturizer like Vanicream and using it nightly,” said one commenter.

“It is the only thing that keeps my face from being extremely oily and dry/flakey.

“I put it on after I wash my face in the shower, and then in the morning, I use some witch hazel on a cotton pad to wipe down my face.

Stridex pads keep her skin clear, even under high heat


Stridex pads keep her skin clear, even under high heatCredit: Alamy

“Then use just a normal moisturizer with SPF during the day.”

Amazon shoppers raved about the pads’ price tag, portability, and effectiveness.

“Using these pads consistently has visibly improved the texture of my skin,” said one reviewer.

“They’re gentle yet effective, leaving my face feeling clean and refreshed without any irritation.

“I’ve noticed a significant reduction in both blackheads and whiteheads, and my overall complexion looks clearer and healthier.

“What I love most is the portability – perfect for those on the go.


“I’ve thrown them in my gym bag and purse and even taken them on weekend getaways.

“They’re a quick and easy solution for maintaining clear skin, no matter where life takes you.”