Joe Biden mocked for ‘borrowing Donald Trump’s fake tan’ in ABC interview as he struggles to recover from dismal debate

PRESIDENT Joe Biden has been slammed for having a Trump-like tan in his first interview since floundering through a disastrous presidential debate.

Biden, 81, skirted any idea of stepping down from his duties in a delusional unedited conversation with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

President Joe Biden has been mocked online for his spray tan-like appearance in his ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos


President Joe Biden has been mocked online for his spray tan-like appearance in his ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos
Biden also admitted to forgetting whether he watched his trainwreck performance in last week's presidential debate


Biden also admitted to forgetting whether he watched his trainwreck performance in last week’s presidential debateCredit: ABC News
Viewers likened Biden's appearance to Trump's well-known orange tan


Viewers likened Biden’s appearance to Trump’s well-known orange tanCredit: AP

Biden scheduled an interview with ABC after he shocked the world with his pitiful performance at last week’s presidential debate against Donald Trump.

On June 27, Biden stepped up to the world stage to sputter incoherent phrases and struggle through unrelated facts while Trump stood and watched.

The performance confirmed fears among voters that Biden’s advanced age had finally gotten the best of him and sparked a frenzy over whether there would be a last-minute Democratic replacement.

However, Biden’s administration defiantly powered through the rumors, and an interview was scheduled as a last-ditch effort to restore voter confidence.

But the oldest president in US history did more harm than good as viewers mocked his strangely orange appearance and weak answers to Stephanopoulos’s questions.

Some online critics went so far as to say Biden was sporting a spray tan similar to his bitter rival, Trump.

“Biden should never borrow Trump’s fake tan,” wrote one person on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Biden’s skin appeared to look more orange than normal, prompting ridicule on social media.

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“I just… can we talk about Biden getting a f**king SPRAY TAN?” wrote another person.

“Whoever decided to give Biden a spray tan deserves a raise,” a third person wrote.

Bumbling Joe Biden squints at watch during July 4 fireworks after telling top Dems he can’t work at events after 8pm

Others were left speechless at Biden’s bizarre answer to Stephanopoulos’s question on whether the president watched his own performance in the debate.

Biden said “I don’t think I did, no,” appearing to not remember the answer to the obvious question.

Stephanopoulos asked Biden if his debate performance was a possible sign of a serious condition.

“It was a bad episode, no indication of a serious condition,” the President said. “I was tired.”

However, Stephanopoulos countered that Biden spent a week at the presidential retreat Camp David.

“Because I was sick, I was feeling terrible,” Biden said, adding that his doctors even performed a Covid test to rule out a possible infection.

Stephanopoulos grilled Biden on his 36% approval rating and said he’s never seen a president performing so poorly get reelected.

But Biden hit back saying “No one is more qualified to win this race than me” and that only the “Lord almighty” could convince him otherwise.


Just yesterday, concerning photos showed Biden squinting at his watch during a Fourth of July celebration at the White House.

The Biden family appeared with Vice President Kamala Harris and others for the Independence Day fireworks display from the Turman Balcony on the South Lawn Thursday evening.


The celebration dragged on until 9:09 pm, according to the president’s official schedule log.

Biden told Democratic governors in a meeting that he needed to work fewer hours to catch up on sleep, per The New York Times.

Biden’s post-debate gaffes

President Joe Biden’s gaffes have increased at an alarming rate over the past few years.

  • Biden alarmingly described himself as a “Black woman” during a radio interview with Philadelphia station WURD on Thursday.
  • “I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice president, first black woman… to serve with a black president,” Biden said, appearing to confuse himself with Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • Biden previously served as VP to President Barack Obama, the US’ first black president, which is likely the source of his confusion.
  • The president also attempted to go off-script and insult rival, Donald Trump, while addressing military families during the White House’s Fourth of July barbecue.
  • While Biden came in strong, he fumbled his word and came crashing down.
  • “By the way, you know I was at that World War I cemetery in France and a – the one that one of our colleagues, a former president, didn’t want to go and be up there,” Biden said in an apparent dig at former president Donald Trump.
  • “I probably shouldn’t even say that. Anyway,” he continued as his voice dimmed.
  • After shocking the audience, he quickly went back on script and tried to get the energy back up.