Bryce James Recreated LeBron’s ‘Smiling Through It All’ Meme On Instagram

LeBron James arrived in Las Vegas for USA Basketball camp ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics on Friday, as a stacked Team USA roster sets its sights on a golf medal run.

His eldest son, Bronny, will join him in Vegas soon as he begins his NBA career as part of the Lakers Summer League team after signing a 4-year deal with the Lakers after being drafted 55th overall. While those two ply their trade in Vegas, Bryce James is enjoying his last summer in high school, and as any good teenager does, he’s killing time by poking some fun at his father. Bryce decided to go out back to the pool on a sunny Friday afternoon in L.A. and recreate LeBron’s “smiling through it all, can’t believe this is my life” post that became an enduring meme.


It’s pretty great work by Bryce, who followed that post up with a “iykyk” post on his story. I want to know how long he’s been thinking about recreating this, because the original post is six years old — LeBron posted it in response the the infamous “shut up and dribble” remarks. In any case, the moment of inspiration arrived on Friday and he nailed it.

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