Protective Papa DDG Clapped Back At Trolls Who Had Negative Things To Say About His Son Halo

Father’s Day was officially celebrated last month. But daddy duties never stop. First time poppa, DDG would certainly agree. Since the birth of his son Halo at the top of the year, the “Way Too Petty” rapper and his girlfriend and fellow entertainer Halle Bailey have slowly and cautiously shared small milestones online.

On July 3, the couple revealed the adorable infant’s face in a gallery of family vacation photos. Although the images were met with overwhelmingly positive responses, a few outliers hide in the comment section.

Not only did DDG notice the snide remarks, he decided to clapback with a few of his own. In a video captured by The Shade Room, DDG let loose on the trolls.

“I read a few comments,” he said. “I know I have the best looking son in the world. There is no baby out there that is more handsome than my son. But I seen a few poor, broke, dirty, fat back b*tches on Instagram talking about my son, and it just makes me so angry and mad.”

His insults didn’t stop there. “But then I have to realize that my son is richer than them,” he said. “And he has a more successful life than [them]. And he’s in Italy at 6 months [old]. He’s been across the world. He’s been around the world already, and he has only been living for six months. And they are poor, broke, and can barely eat probably on welfare still, and they are grown probably living with they momma.”

Watch the full video below.