Organizers Say Abortion Access Is Headed to the Ballot in 3 More States

Abortions rights supporters in three states this week said they had secured enough signatures to put measures on the November ballot that would enshrine some abortion access in their state constitutions.

Organizers in Arkansas on Friday became the final group this election year to say they had submitted enough signatures to put the question to voters, just days after groups in Arizona and Nebraska said they met their own deadlines.

In all three states, officials still have to verify the signatures and certify the ballot initiatives.

As many as 11 states — including presidential battlegrounds such as Arizona — could potentially have abortion rights on the ballot this November, giving Democrats and the Biden presidential campaign what they hope will be a potent political weapon.

In every state where the question has been put directly to voters since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the abortion rights side has won, and the measures have sometimes fueled surges in turnout that have lifted Democratic candidates to victory.

So far, six states — Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Maryland and South Dakota — have given final approval to having abortion on the ballot this November.

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