My top 10 Aldi middle aisle bargains hitting stores this week – including cheap school uniform starting from just £1.75

A BARGAIN hunter has revealed the best middle aisle deals hitting the shelves at Aldi this week.

Tom Church, Co-Founder of, has shared which offers to go for when shopping at Aldi.

Aldi slashed prices on small plush dog beds to £12.99


Aldi slashed prices on small plush dog beds to £12.99Credit: Aldi
School shoes are selling for just £6.99


School shoes are selling for just £6.99Credit: Aldi
Lunch boxes have been slashed to £5.99


Lunch boxes have been slashed to £5.99Credit: Aldi
The 600ml water bottles with your child's favourite character for £3.49


The 600ml water bottles with your child’s favourite character for £3.49Credit: Aldi

The ultimate bargains are landing this week at the retailer’s middle aisle with Specialbuys deal.

The products are launched in stores every Thursday and Sunday and change every week.

As seasoned shoppers will know when it comes to Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The prices have been slashed on an extensive range of goods, from food to garden accessories and footwear.

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There are also plenty of back to school Specialbuys available, including shoes, uniform items and lunch bags.

Tom said: “Aldi’s school uniform event is back this week, with bargain jumpers, shoes, and shirts. But don’t miss some of the other new bargains too.”

So here’s the top-10 products Tom recommends nabbing before the deal ends:


It’s the third year in a row that Aldi has frozen the price of it’s back to school bundle at just £5.

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With multiple colourways and sizes from 4 to 12-years old, this year’s bundle features new additions.

If the autumn chill starts to bite, you can pick up a cardigan for just £1.75 – a must-have for a school wardrobe.

‘It would have cost me £102 in Asda’ mums are raving about Aldi’s school uniform buys saying ‘you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else’

Tom said: “It’s incredible how affordable quality school wear can be. At just £1.75, you can’t go wrong with these cardigans.”


Parents splurge the most on footwear when the school season starts.

But Aldi has them on offer for just £6.99 – a total steal compared to high-street prices.

You can’t go wrong with this classic and sturdy option with an unbelievable price tag.

Tom added: “Shoes are often one of the biggest expenses for parents. Aldi’s offering at £6.99 is unbeatable for both quality and price.”

LUNCH BAGS – £5.99

Making sure your kid eats well while at school is every parent’s concern but with fun and colourful lunch boxes it’s easier to pack their meals.

Aldi has slashed the lunch bags to only £5.99 and they come with different designs for both girls and boys.

Tom added: “Kids love having a lunch box that reflects their personality. These are fun, functional, and great value.”


These dishwasher safe bottles are not only easy to clean but also exciting for your kid with their favourite game or cartoon prints.

The 600ml drinkware comes with images of Peppa, Minecraft or cute Pokemons.

They are scanning at the till for £3.49 each during the Specialbuys.


If your child is fussy eater or you need a quick snack on the go, then the pack of peanut and jelly slices can be your lifesaver.

Tom added: “When you’re sprinting around on a hectic morning this is an easy grab-and-go.”

The nostalgic treat comes in a pack of four and retails at £1.59.

PLUSH DOG BED – £12.99

Aldi might have plenty to offer for families with kids, but if you are a dog parent, you are in for a treat too.

The bargain chain has reduced the prices on its small plush dog beds to £12.99.

Your four-legged friends can enjoy a cosy spot without you having to break the bank.

Tom said: “Pets are family too, and this plush bed offers great comfort at a fraction of the usual cost.”


If you are planning to spend time outdoors this summer and want to spice up your garden, then run to snap up solar decorative lanterns.

The charming lanterns are selling for £4.99 during the promotion and can brighten up your backyard and your mood.

Tom added: “These solar lanterns are a fantastic way to add ambiance to your garden without any additional electricity costs.

“Let’s just hope we get some actual sunshine again.”


The bargains expert continued: “Bubble blowers are timeless fun, and these character options are a big hit.”

While you’re relaxing in your garden, children can play with these bubble blowers which feature fan-favourite cartoon characters.

They can be picked up for £6.99 from the middle aisle while stocks last.


While Birkenstocks are a very popular shoe for the warmer weather, if you can’t afford to splash £65 on a brand new pair, you’ll have to head down to your nearest Aldi store as quickly as you can. 

The deal hunter added: “Why spend £45 when you can get the same style and comfort for just £5.99? These dupes are a fantastic deal.”


Big bottles of Metro sauces have been spotted on the shelves for £1.79.

The sauces were all the rave when Aldi first launched Subway dupes earlier this month.

When’s the best time to shop at Aldi?

WHEN it comes to shopping at Aldi, the best time to do so depends on what you want to buy.

For reduced items – when shops open

Red sticker items are rare at Aldi’s 830 UK stores, but the supermarket says that none of its food goes to waste so there are some to be found – if you’re quick.

A spokesman for the supermarket said: “All items are reduced to 50 per cent of the recommend sales price before stores open on their best before or use by dates.”

That means you have the best chance of finding reduced food items if you go into stores as soon as it opens.

Opening times vary by shop but a majority open from 7am or 8am. You can find your nearest store’s times by using the supermarket’s online shop finder tool.

For Specialbuys – Thursdays and Sundays

Specialbuys are Aldi’s weekly collection of items that it doesn’t normally sell, which can range from pizza ovens to power tools.

New stock comes into stores every Thursday and Sunday, so naturally, these are the best days to visit for the best one-off special deals.

For an even better chance of bagging the best items, head there for your local store’s opening time.

You don’t have to head into stores to bag a Specialbuy, though.

They also go on sale online, usually at midnight on Thursday and Sunday, and you can pre-order them up to a week in advance.

As long as you spend at least £25, you’ll get the items delivered for free.

Remember: once they’re gone, they’re gone, so if there’s something you really want, visit as early as possible

Tom said: “These sauces are a nice way to add flavor to your dishes without spending a fortune.”

Just like Subway, the sauces on offer are sweet onion, chipotle mayonnaise, marinara and teriyaki-style glaze.


The bottles are hilariously named Metro sauce, from Aldi’s Bramwells range, and even have a yellow and green logo – just like Subway.

The Aldi items are available in-store and online, but once stocks have sold out, they won’t be replenished.

Peanut and Jelly slices are scanning for £1.59


Peanut and Jelly slices are scanning for £1.59Credit: Facebook
Birkenstock dupes are £5.99 compared to £65 of the original


Birkenstock dupes are £5.99 compared to £65 of the originalCredit: Aldi
Subway dupe sauces are retailing at £1.79 each


Subway dupe sauces are retailing at £1.79 eachCredit: Aldi
Bubble blowers can be picked up from the store at £6.99


Bubble blowers can be picked up from the store at £6.99Credit: Aldi

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