Is ‘Outer Range’ Really Over After That Cliffhanger Cancellation?

Outer Range looked like Yellowstone meets Lost at first glance, but the series (starring Josh Brolin, Imogen Poots, and Tom Pelphrey) was much more like Twin Peaks in its willingness to lean into the bizarre, mystical, and hypnotic elements of what was otherwise a bonkers sci-fi/time-travel story. A singing cowboy, a mysterious black powder, and Josh Brolin yelling at a massive hole in the ground were only the beginning of the weirdness.

Sadly, this show has now met the same fate as Twin Peaks, which was in fact cancelled after two seasons before earning full-on cult status. Amazon has decided that Outer Range will not return after the second season emerged in May and then ended with a freaking cliffhanger. It seemed that answers were finally beginning to emerge about Autumn’s plans, and Royal Abbott had finally stopped sleeping in the doghouse with his wife, so that they could straighten out the timey-wimey cowboy mess, but sorry, no future seasons will emerge on Prime Video. As Variety notes, Amazon has stuck with their usual pattern of not revealing viewership numbers, but the show did land near the top of the Nielsen Top 10 lists on release weekend.

Let’s just say that viewers are not thrilled to have grown invested in another sci-fi show that was starting to kick into gear but got yanked at a crucial moment. As a result, people are not only expressing disappointment over on Reddit but also on X/Twitter.

Could this show be picked up elsewhere? Only time will tell. This is a series that Netflix could have scooped up less than five years ago (and probably with better results than with Manifest), but streaming purses are tighter these days. No word has surfaced on the show being shopped around, so in all likelihood, it’s as done on Amazon and elsewhere as The Peripheral turned out to be.

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