I’m 20 & my man’s 63 -people think he looks like Shrek & I’m in it for money, but I’d still love him if he was a cleaner

A 20-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed that she is in a relationship with a man 43 years her senior.

She has been accused by trolls of only being with him for his money, but insists their love is real.

Adrienne is in a relationship with a man 20 years her senior


Adrienne is in a relationship with a man 20 years her seniorCredit: YouTube
The pair first met through friends


The pair first met through friendsCredit: YouTube
They say that their age gap doesn't bother them


They say that their age gap doesn’t bother themCredit: YouTube

Adrienne first met Shafik when she was introduced to him through friends, and the pair immediately hit it off, despite the fact that the 63-year-old is older than her parents.

Shafik has previously been married five times, and has six children, the oldest of whom is 33, 12 years older than Adrienne.

However, despite their age gap, both of their families are supportive of the relationship, with Adrienne stating that her mum is Shafik’s “best friend”.

Speaking to Love Don’t Judge, she said: “My mum is like his best friend, she doesn’t message me, she messages him.”

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Shafik’s daughter Yasmin said that she was at first uncomfortable with the relationship, but has since learned to accept it.

She said: “When I first met her I was a little uncomfortable as she’s younger than me.

“As time went on I saw that they were genuinely happy together so I tried to focus on that and be grateful that he has someone to share his life with.”

Soon after the couple started dating, Adrienne began posting videos of the duo to TikTok.

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They instantly became a bit but have received many negative comments from trolls, who have said that Shafik looks like Shrek, and accused Adrienne of just wanting his money.

Shafik, who owns a chain of car repair shops, lives in an enormous mansion, complete with a swimming pool and a jacuzzi.

He has also promised Adrienne that for her 21st birthday, he will buy her a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, which can cost up to £200,000.

However, She insisted that she doesn’t care about his money and would stay with him if he lived in a tiny apartment and worked as cleaner.

Shafik said: “When you meet somebody and it feels like a soul mate, when you connect, you connect.

“I live for today and I’m very young at heart.

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“You learn from the past and look forward to the future“.

Adrienne added: “Honesty, age is just a number as long as it’s between two consenting adults.


“You only have one life to live and you have to live it for yourself.”

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Trolls have compared Shafik to Shrek


Trolls have compared Shafik to ShrekCredit: Copyright: TM & �2004 DREAMWORKS LLC.

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