Donald Trump Falsely Claims Joe Biden Is Dropping Out Of The Race And ‘That Means We Have Kamala’

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Unsurprisingly, the compulsive liar we are dangerously close to electing to the White House for the second time doesn’t limit his pathological spreading of misinformation to media interviews and the campaign stage—he also tells lies to randoms from what appears to be his favorite place of business, the golf cart. This week, a video began making the rounds on social media that shows Donald Trump sitting next to his son, Barron, while (mis)informing someone that President Joe Biden is “quitting the race” for reelection in 2024, and that now, Vice President Kamala Harris will be stepping up to run against Trump in November.

“He’s quitting the race—I got him out of the race,” Trump says of Biden. “And that means we have Kamala. I think she’s going to be better. She’s so bad—so pathetic. She’s just so f**king bad.”

“They just announced he’s probably quitting,” Trump said again of Biden, after claiming the current president won’t be enough of a “tough guy” to face off against “fierce” world leaders like the president of China.

It’s unclear who “they” are who Trump claimed announced that the incumbent is dropping out of the presidential race, but neither the media nor the White House announced any such thing. The New York Times did report this week that an anonymous source told the publication Biden was considering dropping out of the race following his less-than-stellar debate performance against Trump, but White House officials denied that was the case. Democratic lawmakers and donors have also urged Biden to step aside to give the party a better shot at the Oval Office, but the official word from his administration is that he will “absolutely not” drop out, and Biden himself told reporters that “no one’s going to push me out” and that he is “not leaving” despite having “screwed up” the first debate against Trump.

So, either Trump is, once again, showing off his complete lack of media literacy by sharing his knee-jerk reaction to headlines he didn’t understand, or he’s just out here lying in private conversations the same way he has every time he has stepped behind a podium bot as president and on the campaign trail.

But, hey, a person who doesn’t understand the news and routinely lies and gets facts wrong is exactly what America needs in a presidentright


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