Common laundry mistake may be ruining your jeans, says pros – a freezer trick will eliminate the stink without fading

FASHION fans have revealed a laundry mistake that many make that could be doing more harm than good for your jeans.

They shared a freezer cleaning hack that will fade any bad odors and revitalize the pair of pants.

Fashion experts at Gap revealed a common laundry mistake that could damage your denim (stock image)


Fashion experts at Gap revealed a common laundry mistake that could damage your denim (stock image)Credit: Getty

Almost everyone owns something denim, but not everyone knows how to take care of it.

Washing and maintaining it can be hard, especially when there are added embellishments and design details.

Experts at Gap have shared five fashion hacks to wash and protect your denim clothes.


First, make sure not to overwash your denim.

The professionals said that denim should only be washed every ten wears, and overwashing can ” damage embellishments like sequins and beads.”

They recommended only washing denim clothing with these details when an item is “truly dirty.”

Most of the time spot treatments will do the trick.

Then, you can hang it on a clothesline or outside to dry for a little “boost.”

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The Gap experts also shared a “freshen-up” tip.

“We stand by the jeans in the freezer trick to kill any bacteria and eliminate any odors,” they said.

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As a follow-up, handwashing is the best cleaning option to protect both the overall color and life, as well as any loose embellishments.

In particular, the experts said that cold hand washing helps to “prevent damage to any adhesives and can reduce chances of shrinkage.”

“The process is as simple as submerging your outfit in cool water with detergent but to keep your soaking time to a minimum to prevent damage to beading and embellishments,” they explained.

If there’s a specific stain to get out, they recommended gently massaging the area and avoiding “scrubbing” motions.  


Next, always close zippers when putting denim in the wash to avoid any snagging and possible damage.

However, the experts noted that the rules for more delicate fabrics are slightly different.

“Zips should be done up but buttons should remain open to avoid causing potential strain on the delicate fabrics,” they explained.

It could cause buttons to become loose, or elastic loop button holes to detach from the fabric.

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When selecting your cleaning agents, the Gap experts suggested snubbing fabric softener.

They said it can change the texture of denim and damage the surface of velvets and satin.

They especially warned against adding it to your wash if you’re washing custom-made pieces. 


The experts advised against tumble drying as this can cause loss of shape and other problems.

“The fast spin of a tumble dryer is just asking for embellishments to become loose and damaged, plus the heat can cause shrinkage and fading,” they added.

The “best method” is to lay your denim flat or let it air dry outside.

A “top tip” they suggested is to peg, or roll up your jeans at the bottom of each leg.


This will cause the water to run down to the waistband, so it dries quicker and reduces wrinkles.

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