#12 – Outlawed Steel – DevLog

Hello Everyone!!

This is the twelfth article for our game Outlawed Steel.

This week we will be showing some more objects, but this time, in context and with the Cel Shading applied.

This scene will be used for the main menu, using some camera animations to move between different menus, and some game cutscenes if possible, using even the landscape we created for more cinematic shots.

Starting off with an overview of the objects we will be talking about.

Screenshot 1 2

This is the entrance of the saloon, the first area of the game. Keep in mind that this is a more tidy and organized space than it will be on the game’s level.

Then, we have the table mentioned in the previous post with some chairs, two bottle and some papers.

Screenshot 2 1

Here you can also see in the background the bar, the pillars, a foot rest and a shelf with some bottles.

Next, we have the upstairs.

Screenshot 3

Upstairs we can see a lot of different objects. Starting by the lamps, then the handrail, the wood barricated windows, and finaly the roof and chandelier. These last two wont be seen during gameplay, as the game will have a top down view.

And finally, the landscape mentioned above.

Screenshot 4

Again, as mentioned above, this landscape will be used only as background and for cinematics and the main menu.

Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned for next week!


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