The best deals in the 2024 Steam Summer Sale

Valve has officially declared it beach season, which means two things: Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen, and the Steam Summer Sale for 2024 has been unleashed. There are deals on approximately one bajillion games (we counted), so we’ve picked out some of our favorites from 2024, 2023, and the Steam back catalog to make your sale shopping easier. For newer games especially, we’ve focused on games selling at their lowest prices ever, including recent hits like Manor Lords and last year’s GOTY Baldur’s Gate 3.

The further you scroll down, the cheaper the games get, with a selection of sub-$5 picks to close things out. The 2024 Steam Summer Sale runs until July 11, and this will be the only big sale for quite awhile. As indicated in our Steam Sale dates listings, we don’t expect for the autumn sale to arrive until late November. 

Steam summer sale: 2024 games

Steam Summer Sale: 2023’s best games

Steam Summer Sale: Games under $25

Steam Summer Sale: Games under $10

Steam Summer Sale 2024: Games under $5