Pedro Pascal Tells Omar Apollo A Story About Heartbreak On ‘Pedro’ From His New Album, ‘God Said No’

With growth comes heartache, and on his sophomore album, God Said No, Omar Apollo has become all too familiar with this. But he’s not alone. On the album, he finds solace in the company of one Pedro Pascal, with whom he bonds over heartache.

Apollo kicks off the song with a vocal interlude, waxing romantic over a hypnotic plea.

“If meadows was a man, would you trade me for your land? / Mine still have a misty dew / Something I can offer you / If I could get the chance, would you train me with your hands? /Hold me with a magnitude / That takes me to a better view,” sings Apollo on the song’s intro.

The track then makes a transition into a spoken interlude from Pascal, who recounts a painful heartbreak. Audibly, Pascal is hesitant to share the story with Apollo, but finds a strong confidant in his Gen-Z counterpart.

“I remember I finished a job, and I was too scared to go back to the US. It was, like, second-wave COVID in Europe. And, um, I was going from Budapest to Switzerland. That was a place that I could get to to buy some time, and figure out what I would do before Christmas, and I also arrived, um, very shattered,” Pascal tells Apollo.

The story tugs at the heartstrings, but like Apollo in his music, Pescal knows when to put his emotions and vulnerability on display. No matter how difficult such a task may be.

You can listen to “Pedro” above.

God Said No is out now via Warner. Find more information here.