Holly Willoughby ‘kidnap plotter’ tells court he had ‘stewardess fantasy’ when he tried to snatch two women from train

A SECURITY guard accused of plotting to kidnap Holly Willoughby today told jurors he had a “stewardess fantasy” when he tried snatching two women from a train.

Gavin Plumb, 37, passed one terrified victim a note telling her he had a gun and that he would shoot “you and myself and everyone else” if she did not follow him off the train.

Gavin Plumb claimed in his evidence he had an 'air stewardess fantasy' when he tried snatching two women


Gavin Plumb claimed in his evidence he had an ‘air stewardess fantasy’ when he tried snatching two women
The incident came before he allegedly plotted to kidnap Holly


The incident came before he allegedly plotted to kidnap HollyCredit: Getty

Two days later – armed with an imitation firearm and rope – he pretended to be a police officer to lure a second woman off a train, jurors were told.

This was before Plumb allegedly tried to abduct Holly, 43, who has waived her anonymity, so he could rape then murder her.

Giving evidence today, the security guard was asked why the two women he targeted were cabin crew workers.

Plumb, who also pulled a knife on two teen girls, replied: “I had a stewardess fantasy back then.

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“I was on the train and it was empty and that person was the first person I approached.”

He told Chelmsford Crown Court he only attempted to kidnap the women as he was in a “toxic relationship” and wanted out.

The security guard, who was given a suspended sentence over the attempts, claimed he “wasn’t aware” he had the imitation firearm until he was arrested.

He also told the court three ropes officers discovered “were just lying around the car park” so he picked them up.

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Plumb was today asked about the horror while working in Woolworths when he pulled a box-cutting knife on the two 16-year-old girls and told them: “Get to the back of the storeroom”.

He then took out a rope and tape and bound one of the girls while the other managed to flee and raise the alarm, jurors heard.

Chilling video shows ‘restraint kit’ bought by man in Holly ‘kidnap plot’

When asked what was on his mind as the girls were “screaming and shouting”, he responded: “I just needed a way out of the relationship (with his ex-partner), knowing it worked the first time.

“I thought I would try something really big again to get away from the relationship.”

Overweight Plumb, who was unable to stand for his evidence, also claimed he was “regularly in the friendzone” after piling on the pounds as a teen.

He said when he was released from jail in 2010 for the Woolworths kidnap attempt, he spent “99.9 per cent” of his time online.

This included going on “fantasy” chatrooms where he’d speak with others about having sex with “people we knew, people we didn’t know”.

Plumb told jurors “it was wholesome chat, clean chat, it was nowhere like as dark as it is in the sequence of events” evidence.

Asked if Holly was on his radar at the time, he responded: “[She] would have been – I was at home all the time watching daytime telly”.

The court was told Plumb spent years fixating on the former This Morning star – tracking her movements and activities for “some time”.

He allegedly considered booking a tour to the ITV studios that would involve meeting presenters.

In voice notes played to the court, he told his accomplice Marc he was looking for a place to “hold” Holly after ambushing her at her family home.

He also described how he was planning to use chloroform on Holly and her husband Dan Baldwin while striking in the dead of night.

Plumb told jurors today these conversations are “massively regrettable” but claimed he was just talking about the “fantasy of setting up an abduction”.

But he agreed with barrister Sasha Wass KC that his chats about Holly “degraded her”.

I’m not gonna lie, she is a fantasy of mine.

Gavin Plumb when he was arrested

Plumb also discussed the alleged plot with an undercover cop known as David Nelson after they met on a forum called Abduct Lovers.

Mr Nelson yesterday told the court he believed there was a “credible plan” to kidnap Holly after the security guard claimed he had a “load of info” on the star.

This included details on her security arrangements, sending Nelson the star’s address and providing information about her car, it was said.

Plumb had also sent details of his “abduction kit”, which he allegedly planned to use so he could ambush Holly at her home.

The shopping centre security guard was arrested on October 4 last year after Nelson told the FBI and Met Police about the alleged plot.

The court heard he “appeared shocked” and asked police who he had conspired to kidnap, causing cops to tell him Holly Willoughby.

Plumb said: “I’m not gonna lie, she is a fantasy of mine.”

‘Kidnap plot foiled’

Jurors heard he was holding a mobile at the time, which he refused to hand over a pin for as officers didn’t “need to know that now”.

Having heard that police would search his house, Plumb allegedly said: “I mean based on what you’ve said I can pretty much guess what you’re looking for.”

He later added: “As I said, it’s totally taken me by surprise. I know what it’s about, I can tell you, I reckon, I, I know what it’s about.”

Plumb then answered no comment to all questions in two police interviews after he was taken into custody.

His arrest came just moments before Holly was due to go on air to present This Morning.

The mum-of-three, 43, announced later that month she was stepping down from the show after 14 years.

She said in a social media post at the time that she felt: “I have to make this decision for me and my family.”


Plumb denies soliciting murder, incitement to kidnap and incitement to rape between December 2021 and October last year.

The trial continues.

Plumb also tried holding two teens at knifepoint


Plumb also tried holding two teens at knifepoint
He assembled a restraint kit to kidnap Holly, it is said


He assembled a restraint kit to kidnap Holly, it is saidCredit: PA
The security guard had allegedly grown obsessed with Holly


The security guard had allegedly grown obsessed with Holly