‘Beautiful’ rave designer fans as they rush to buy £59 dupe of £8000 Cartier watch

CARTIER, for many, is the designer jewellery brand, with many of us eyeing up Cartier watches, the Love bangle and matching rings.

Luckily for those looking to get that style on a budget we have spotted a very similar dupe to Cartier’s Panthère watch from Sekonda, which could save you thousands of pounds.

This Sekonda watch could save you thousands


This Sekonda watch could save you thousandsCredit: Sekonda

Sekonda Monica Maxi Ladies Watch, £64.99, Sekonda

The Sekonda Monica Maxi Ladies Watch comes in various sizes, styles and colours, but we are particularly taken by the Maxi Classic version in the mixed metal, which retails for £64.99, and looks almost identical to the £8,000 Panthère De Cartier Watch.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to work out that is one hefty saving, and an absolute no-brainer to get the luxe look for less – and to compliment the other designer dupe arm candy on your arm.

The Sekonda Monica Watch features a stunning chain bracelet-like wrist strap and jewellery clasp, combined with a rectangular frame.

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We're obsessed


We’re obsessedCredit: sekonda

The watch varies in metals, from ion-plated gold, rose gold or silver, or a combination of both, depending on the style you choose, though the mixed metal version is most similar to the luxury Cartier version.

This watch is also available in a stone set bezel, which features gems around the watch face, as well as a full stone set version where gems are encrusted into the watch strap as well as the face.

The two-tone metal design is available in the classic design, which is a smaller version of the Maxi Classic, though both creations are most likened to the Cartier version.

The Classic has a case width of 20 mm, and a strap width of 12 mm, which retails for £54.99, whereas the Maxi Classic has a case width of 29mm and a width of 6mm and is slightly bigger – though only by mere millimetres.

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Can you spot the difference?


Can you spot the difference?Credit: Goldsmiths

Panthère De Cartier Watch Small Model, £8,000, Goldsmiths

In comparison, the Cartier watch boasts a diameter of 23mm.

The other difference is the colour of the dial. Sekonda’s designs feature a white background colour on the dial, whereas Cartier’s is silver, though from a distance would you really be able to tell? We doubt it.

Look closely and the hands on the dial of the Cartier watch are blue, whereas Sekonda’s are a classic black, and both watches feature Roman numerals.

Of course, the metals may be different too, which comes with the territory of buying luxury designer brands. Cartier uses steel and 18k yellow gold, whereas Sekonda’s designs are ion-plated.

However, the beauty of Cartier’s design is it is water resistant up to 30 metres, which we don’t think is the case for Sekonda.

We think you’d be stumped to tell the difference, so why wouldn’t you opt for the watch with a price tag of under £100?

Shoppers can’t get enough of the Sekonda dupe of the Cartier watch, as one shopper gushed: “The watch looks exactly like the image online and works great. Love it!”

Another praised its durability, and wrote: “Very stylish, hardwearing and comfortable to wear.”

While a separate shopper said: “Love this watch, looks so classy and expensive. 100% recommend if you’re going for that old money look for a budget!”

Another added: “It fits so beautifully on my tiny wrist, watches are always big on me even the normal ones, but this fits so perfectly.”


Not sure how to style it? The beauty of the mixed metals means you don’t have to choose from silver or gold accessories but mix them.

This new piece of arm candy will stand out against a white t-shirt and jeans combo for everyday wear, even with a summer dress and heels for a formal do, even with a chic two-piece co-ord suit set to give seriously old money vibes.

I’ve found the perfect dupe of the timelessly stylish Cartier watch – and it’s an incredible £6,827 cheaper

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